From a Song For Mother Earth by Howard Rainer


teach me with the words

of a wise owl,

the wisdom of many winters.

Teach me

the lessons of one

who has walked in balance

and the source of that strength,

Tell me Grandfather,

Who rules the universe ?

and what is the meaning of Mother Earth ?

Teach me,

that I may come to know

The Circle of Understanding

by one connected to the Creator

beyond the clouds....


My spirit wearies
walking in two worlds.

I plant my feet in two faiths,
wanting only peace.

My ears hear words
spoken in two tongues,
neither understanding the other.

Confusion circles my mind,
two cultures clashing with their might,
each demanding my allegiance.
The conflict tears at my heart.

My learning becomes a whirlwind,
teachings swirling in every direction.
Which voice speaks the truth ?

My spirit wearies
walking in two worlds.
Who awaits me at the end ?

Creator God

You sent me in the cradle
of life an Indian,
I give thanks.

Relatives and relations
have blessed my path,
gratitude is for their teachings.

My journey on the Red Road
the fires of friendship
burn brightly in four directions.

Creator god,the giver of all life,
I give thanks,
your blessings bend my knees
in thanksgiving

                             Ah Ho !

The giver of breath
to all living things,
I come with singing in my heart.

Ah ho,
your beauty is everywhere;
the smell of the flowers,
and the sounds of many birds
mingle all around me.

Ah ho
for the glow of the moon
and the tiny fires that fill the sky,
for your light of dawn,bringing a new begining
for all creatures.

Ah ho
for the circle of life,
my seasons full
I come singing in my heart.

 Ah ho ! (thank you )

There is a battle between the Eagle and the Wolf. The Eagle inside me
represents everything that is good and pure. Even though it soars through 
the valleys, it still lays it's eggs on the moutain top.

There is a Wolf inside of me. The Wolf preys upon my weakness and 
justifies itself in the presence of the pack.

Who will win the war between the Eagle and the Wolf ?

     "The one that feeds you"

Who wins the battle for your mind ? " The one who feeds You "
Who wins the battle for your life " The one you choose to build upon"
Who wins the battle between right and wrong? " The one you choose to feed "

What thoughts are filling your mind ? The Creator is calling upon you,
listen well. 

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